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Meet Zsuzsa.
Kinesiologist, Writer, Presenter

At Kinesiology by Zsuzsa, I am committed to helping you heal through our personalised kinesiology consultations, group workshops, and publications. My mission is to teach you to become the Solution in Every Breath and heal you via your emotional body. With over fifteen years of experience and expertise in the field of emotional wellness, I have helped thousands overcome their challenges. 

I am committed to shine the light, to empower you with Life Skills Tools so you can live a life of wellness, peace and freedom.

My Specialisations

At Kinesiology by Zsuzsa, I am committed to helping you heal, whether you come in for a one on one Kinesiology Balance, attend the FREEDOM to feel GOOD Workshop or utilise my services as Presenter and creator of content.

I specialise in providing cognitive processes and kinesiology balances to help you overcome a wide range of mental, emotional and physical challenges. I have expertise in the following areas:

Anxiety and Depression

Ailments & Illnesses

Trauma and PTSD

Stress Management

Gut Imbalances

Life Path Direction

What My Clients Say


Zsuzsa is a must-have for every business. She will fill your employees with rich goodies of knowledge, inspiration and hope, enabling them to feel more fulfilled in their lives and work. She is on her way to international stardom. Can’t recommend her highly enough.” - Social Impact Consultant Julia Keady-Blanch, Xfactor Strategic Development


I enjoyed doing the FREEDOM to feel GOOD Life Skills Tools Workshop as I had very little knowledge of what it actually was but was pleased to learn more about it. The program actually helped me to understand other people more and how they cope and respond to things. Great to learn simple body movements and thought processes to help my physical and mental body at work with stresses. The activity we did with turning your head to the side more after realigning was cool (Taegen).

Zsuzsa’s sessions were really amazing, I looked forward each week to them!  I particularly enjoyed discovering how to activate my immune system & helping to reduce stress by breathing (I had forgotten how to breathe!).  I also felt immediate relief after our written exercise on how to dump our toxic emotions.  Zsuzsa gave us skills we can do every day, everything just made sense. (Lisa)

“Focus on what you want, not on what you don’t want” was my take home message.  As a problem solver I tend to focus on what’s not working and over analyse everything in life.  The course with Zsuzsa has provided me with simple tools that with practice (you have to practice something for it to become habit) I am learning to shift my perspective by focusing on the positives and asking myself, ‘what do I really want?’  (Victoria)

I didn’t really understand the benefits of Life Skills Tools before I took the 6-week program with Zsuzsa, after taking the class I have many tools that I use during the day to ease my stress and improve overall well-being. ️ (Danelle)

We have the power to turn a situation or experience that has had a negative effect on us into a different mindset - letting it go or finding the positive in it. Breathing techniques to immediately help us in a challenging or stressful situation, which can help us carry on and regain a clear and positive head space to do so. (Alina)






It has been my good fortune to experience counselling for kinesiology.  This technique is an incredible tool to tap into the truth, the core issues.   It allows the sub conscious to surface without the interference of the conscious and egotistical mind.  During the session you are asked to bring your awareness to where in your body you feel the emotions, l found this very helpful on my journey.  Once the counselling session is completed you are then muscle tested to confirm what has transgressed between you and the therapist.  It brings truth and clarity to any issues you may be experiencing and puts to bed once and for all those patterns of behaviours that keep you stuck in life
I am a professional counsellor, l truly believe it would take most people months to acheive the results that l experienced in one session.
Kristine Phipps - 16th November 2015

I had digestive issues for over 3 years, to the point where I wasa housebound as I had to frequent the toilet soemtimes over 10 times a day! This inhibited my social life, hindered me from being active and totally impacted my career. I was really stuck as to how to shift this awful affliction, until I was referred on to see Zsuzsa. Since having a kinesiology session and addressing some emotional issues, am now ok to get out and about & no longer panic about leaving the house. Kinesiology has been truly life changing for me.

Thank you thank you to the most amazing lady who did her kinesiology magic on me and I can now walk straight again, not like an old lady with a hunch the kids would say. 

My 9 year old daughter had a lot of anxiety around gonig to bed. She sleep walks and wakes up several times in the night and doesn’t like to sleep on her own. I took her to see Zsuzsa and after one balance, we had an amaxing shift. She no longer wakes in the night, sleep walks and wakes sound and rested. My daughter really enjoys the consultations and always leaves her sessions feeling peaceful happy and empowered to look after her young self. the Kinesiology work wonders on removing her anxiety
Kendra, mother of Mietta

ongoing Shoulder pain
Mental-As from the end of session 2 I mentally had stopped thinking about my shoulder. I knew there was still slight pain there but my mind would not allow thought to take over.
Emotional-Well this was awesome. As this injury or whatever it was had gone on for 2 years I’d convinced myself it was an operation that was the only way forward. Such a relief what Zsuzs had done in shifting my mindset.YAY!!
Physical-Awesome once again.So far so good.I still have slight pain around original area every now and then but I’m counting on this being a healing process. YAY AGAIN.
Prior to balance-Couldnt lift a cup of coffee without excruciating pain.Yoga and surfing was torture. But I pushed through thinking that was the correct method to correct things.
Mental-Have always had issues with glutes.Usually after vigorous activity. It’s something I’ve just lived with but mentally not too much of an issue. 
Emotional-I felt an emotional shift when Zsuzs did her two fingers on 2 opposing spots on knee and ankle (I think) or foot maybe.Something shifted. Cant explain that one.
Physical-The instant relief from tight glutes to nothing was mind blowing. Prob the most amazing thing yet I have experienced through kinesi.WOW.
Justin - Rye

Rachel Willis


"Become the Solution breath by breath...
not the problem solver"

Zsuzsa Toth

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