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Time to GIVE to YOURSELF & Your Loved Ones

Feeling a bit stuck? Overwhelmed, out of sorts and just not feeling 100%?

Or wish to support a loved one who is?

It's time for a Kinesiology BALANCE

Using muscle testing to tap into your body's innate healing, I can help you shift negative mental chatter, digestive disorders, ailments & illnesses, anxiety, depression, relationship challenges, learning difficulties and anywhere you may feel stuck in life.

I will teach you to be the SOLUTION, not the problem solver,breath by breath.


My services are two pronged. One, is working with your subconscious self. 95% of your thoughts and operating system are subconscious, or hidden. This includes your autonomic nervous system, childhood imprint years, belief systems, unmet emotional needs and recurring ailments and patterns of behaviour. By using muscle testing in Kinesiology, we can uncover and reset you in areas where you are feeling stuck


1. Kinesiology Balance

Working with your Sub-Conscious Self

2. Workshops

Working with your Conscious/Cognitive self


FREEDOM to 'feel' GOOD Workshops


This workshop delivers LIFE SKILLS TOOLS that teach you how to reset your thoughts, in turn changing your emotional body to create wellness on every level. The workshops are fun, interactive and educational and teach you how to apply;
- breathwork
- visualisations

- meditations

- written processes

- kinesiology modalities


Kinesiology uses muscle testing to find stressors in the body on a mental, emotional, physical and spiritual level. It’s based on ancient Chinese medicine principals of working with meridians, which are flows of energy in the body. Each meridian correlates with an organ or a system as well as a group of muscles. The muscle testing taps into your subconscious, true self and indicates what is a stress, which a practitioner will then find a way to balance using a myriad of tools. Such as herbs, nutrition, aromatherapy, counseling, acupressure points, neurolymphatic points, meridians, brain integration, reflexes, resetting belief systems and unmet emotional needs. 


We often know that when we get run down, sick or have on going ailments, it’s not just because our immune system isn’t functioning properly. It’s often because we have some form of emotional upset or great stress going on in our lives at that time.

Kinesiology by Zsuzsa combines a knowledge and understanding of counseling, nutrition, physiology and life strategies. All components that need to be in harmony so we can feel peaceful, present, happy and healthy.

Some of the areas you can choose to have a Kinesiology balance on are;

• Digestive Problems

• Vitality (Energy Levels)

• Weight Management

• Career, Finances

• Fear, Anxiety, Listlessness

• Physical Aches & Pains

• Illness, Allergies

• Relationship issues

• Trauma

• Overwhelm, Depression

• Learning Difficulties

• Burnout

• Habits, Obsessions, Phobias

• Sleeping Disturbances

• Hormonal Imbalances

• Recurring Ailments

• Self Esteem

• Direction, Certainty

• Sugar Imbalance


This is the truest statement for every individual, however in our full lives, we are often careered by roles we play as parents, the job we do and all the rules, regulations and life limitations we have set up in life so far. These become our deeply imbedded belief systems and can often create confusion and a sense of 'just not feeling great' in life.

It is said that 5% of your thinking is conscious and 95% is subconscious. Your subconscious is like the filing cabinet of stored information from all your life's events-especially from imprint years-which can go up to the age of 10. Kinesiology taps into this stored information and creates shifts and conscious awareness on a mental, emotional, physical, spiritual and environmental level. This allows your body's innate healing mechanism to kick in and do it's job. So whether your ailment is long standing, a new injury, emotional distress like anxiety, depression or on a mental level, Kinesiology can create insights to help you heal completely. 

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