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Welcome to Kinesiology by Zsuzsa, your source for mental, emotional, physical & spiritual wellness consultations, workshops, and resources. I am dedicated to helping you achieve optimal wellness in all areas of your life via a range of services, including individual Kinesiology consultations, FREEDOM to feel GOOD Workshops & Presentations, publications and online resources to help you improve your health and wellbeing.
My approach is grounded in the latest research and best practices in the field of mental & emotional health. I believe in a holistic approach to wellness that integrates mind, body, and spirit and am committed to providing you with the tools and resources you need to achieve your goals and live your best life.

The emotional centre
As a whole, integrated person, our mental, emotional, physical and energetic/spiritual body needs to be aligned. After decades of working with golden souls, I have a very clear understanding that our true healing must come from our EMOTIONAL centre.
Epigentics (the study of how your behaviours and environment can cause changes that affect the way your genes work) has now proven, that our emotions are what turn our cells on and off.
What does this mean for you? In simple terms, if you're subconscious emotional centre hasn't processed old hurts or traumas, then any body work you do won't hold. You heal the physical self, then step out into the world and some scent, event or person may re-trigger your subconscious unmet emotional need, and in just one breath, the old ailment returns.
I apply Kinesiology as a tool to tap into these suppressed 'unmet emotional needs' and 'limiting beliefs' to release the blocks. Once we free the old trauma, your body's innate healing mechanism can truly take hold.
Remember, in hindsight, we may not remember the details of 'what happened to us,' but we will always remember how it made us feel. So it's imperative to release and reset emotional upheavals as this is where true healing lays.


Professional Certifications

Zsuzsa holds a range of certifications and credentials in the field of mental and emotional wellness, including;
Diploma of Kinesiology (2011)

Counselling for Kinesiology (2014).
Sound healing (2017)

Zsuzsa is committed to ongoing education and training to ensure that she is always up-to-date with the latest research and best practices in the field.


Health Arts College. Diploma of Kinesiology  2011-2014​


Brain Integration 1 & 2 - Jacque Mooney/Charles Krebs

Theta Healing - Nora Dempsey

Neural Organisation Technique - Peter McLellan

Counselling for Kinesiology - Gordon Dickson

Rhythmic Movements

Herbs - Parijat Wismer

Nutrition - Parijat Wismer

Weight Management - Parijat Wismer

Touch for Health

Quantum Neurology - Ed Faust

DNA Blueprint - Charles Krebs


Zsuzsa has authored a range of publications in the field of emotional wellness, including Organised Kaos (OK) - self help/travelogue/memoir, articles, and research papers. She is committed to sharing her knowledge and expertise with the wider community to promote greater understanding and awareness on healing via our emotional centre.

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My Philosophy

We are all aware that when we are unwell, run down, exhausted or really stuck in life, it's often our emotions that shape our days and make us feel bad. Fear can rule us and create all sorts of havoc in the physical body that's trying to heal, because fear changes your body's biochemistry and makes your system acidic, or in other words, inflamed.

Science has proven that ailments, illnesses, lumps, bumps, tumours and cancers cannot survive in an alkaline environment. Therefor I am committed to teaching you to become the SOLUTION breath by breath, not the problem solver. Alkalise the body, create the right environment for your mental, emotional, physical (biochemical & behaviours and actions and spiritual body and the body can heal itself. I will shine the light on your path to get you there.

As I focus on healing via your emotional centre, I want you to really understand this principal;

Fear creates acidity in the body, Love is alkalising.

Whether in my workshops or clinic, I work with the high frequency of LOVE. A pure frequency of creating the perfect environment for the body to heal. In turn the healing frequency of love alters your biochemistry, your behaviours and actions and feeds your mind, emotions and spiritual self.

I believe in a holistic approach to our overall wellness which integrates the mental, emotional, physical and spiritual self. However all the work I do, whether in clinic, workshops or online, leads with healing via the emotional body.

I believe that each person is unique and that there is no one-size-fits-all solution to our emotional health. That's why I offer a range of services and resources to help you achieve your goals and improve your overall wellbeing, including kinesiology consultations, group workshops, books, online consultations, and workshops.
I am dedicated to providing you with personalised care and support to help you achieve your goals. I believe that everyone has the potential to live their best life, we just have to release and reset stuck emotions. I am committed to helping you get there.

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