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Life Skills Tools

Empowering You

The following information is design not only to relate and inspire you, but also give you Life Skills Tools on how you can overcome your challenges. Each blog has an 'APPLY' section which details active tools to support and nurture you.

Shifting Perspective with Breath

Are you finding life too fast? Too many pressures. Financial, social, raising your children - trying to make choices that are the best for them. Feeling like you only just got out of bed and all of a sudden the day’s gone and you’re climbing back into bed. Exhausted. Just holding on and going with the life’s just happening to you.

Well, let me shift your perspective. Because remember, our lives are so powered by how we feel. Allow me to give you some peace, just for a moment...

As you may well know by now, I’m passionate about giving you simple life tools to help you shift areas where you are feeling stuck. Follow my little ‘apply’ tool below and give your soul a massage for a moment...

This only takes 5 minutes...
1. Sit for a moment and become aware of the tension in your body. Where are you most tight? In the shoulders, the jaws, is your tummy bloated? Are you feeling foggy in the head? Become aware of the discomfort.
2. Now take your awareness to your breath. Slow it down. Take slow, long inhalations in and take the same amount of time to slowly let the breath out.
3. Decide what you wish to feel. ie: calm, safe, supported, empowered..
4. Now with each breath in, 
feEl this emotion and take it to areas in your body where you’re feeling tight.
5. Choose to be calm, light, happy. Whatever it is for you. And breath by breath, bring this into your body. Know that there is nothing right now but this moment.
Great. Feel better? Don’t let your perpective of the ‘hard’ life get in the way. Because remember, your beautiful cells are just responding to the information your mind is feeding it. Become the ‘feeling’ you wish to have and you will attract more of this to yourself.

Thymus ThumpPersonalPower.jpg

Your Life Energy - the Thymus Gland

Ever catch yourself thinking about an unpleasant situation, a person, a food item, a past or future event and catch yourself holding your breathe as the discomfort flips your tummy. And then you try and try to get that notion out of your head and yet, it prevails. And possibly drives you a bit nutty...This happens to many of us. And these thoughts are so non constructive and can drive us spare as we try and try to remove them from our heads. And then they pop up in our dreams or we’re out somewhere and something triggers the thoughts again and voila, your whole body goes into response mode in relation to the uncomfortable thought/s.So, fair to say here, that it’s draining your energy yes. It’s as they say ‘sucking the life out of you. It’s profound to think that when good things happen, we can glance at them with peace, comfort, joy and satiation and then the moment passes. But when we have a recurring negative thought and emotion it can really knock the wind out of us.Understanding this, I wish to take your attention to your wonderful Thymus Gland. A key gland in the Endocrine system and also part of the Lymphatic System. The thymus gland sits in the centre of your chest, half way between your armpits and the clavicle. This gland is the gland in relation to LIFE ENERGY. It’s functionality is to help create T cells which are released from your thyroid gland and also to help create white blood cells and allow the body to purify itself of toxins.When we are under a lot of stress, or get stuck in negative mental chatter, the Life Energy of the thymus gland is greatly reduced and therefor your immune system can be compromised, resulting in a feeling of being drained and ultimately manifesting as an illness or ailment.It’s been scientifically proven that when you thump the thymus gland, it activates and actually swells in size.Being a Kinesiologist, I always check the life energy of the thymus gland of my clients as I know so well that negative thoughts and emotions are the key things that whack it out. By the time my client presents themselves with an illness or ailment, the life energy of this amazing gland indicates that it’s indeed under stress and not functioning optimally.So, toay’s tool is designed to lift your life energy. To feel empowered, invigorated, light, peaceful and joyful. A wonderful thing to practice as you head out for Christmas shopping and pass many others who are feeling life is too busy, under stress and ultimately feeling drained and quick to fire. By practicing the Thymus Thump, you are not only lifting your own frequency, but also creating a block to inhale other’s negativities.APPLY TOOL.1. Using your index and middle finger, thump the thymus repeatedly (how long you do that for is up to you, but 20 seconds is ample).2. Simultaneously stick your tongue to the roof or your mouth and smile.3. Practice this 3 - 4 times a day to lift your Life Energy4. IN RELATION TO... Now, you can use this to raise your Life Energy towards things that would otherwise drain you. ie-feeling hurt or anger towards another or a situation. Think of that person & the emotion that would work better for you. Like feeling love, peace, joy. As you have these thoughts/emotions, thump your thymus, tongue to roof of mouth, smiling. You’ll notice you’ll start to feel different about the person or situation.You can use this in relation to anything that you feel drains your energy. Just be clear on what it is that you wish to feel in the positive. I practice this when I’m eating, as I practice appreciation for the food I’m eating. The result being that I feel very satiated and energised after I’ve eaten. I also use it if I’m around others that may be ‘heavy’ in energy. The thymus thump is my daily ritual, my daily practice. Give it a go and please, by all means let me know the shifts your experience of life 

Alkalising to Heal


Did you know that tears of sadness have been proven to be acidic and tears of joy are alkaline? Same tears from the same place, yet pending on how we feel, it changes our biochemistry. Stress, foods, negative thoughts and feelings, putrefied air, congested digestive system, too much heat and lack of movement and sound rest will all create acidity (inflammation) in the body. This acidic environment then becomes a thriving metropolis for bacteria and germ over proliferation. In a nutshell, acidity equals inflammation in the body and our systems are continually in a fight response to clean up.

This results in feeling sluggish, flat, tired, moody and of course is a haven for festering ailments, illnesses and bad behaviours.

Years ago I worked with a client who had an aggressive tumour growing on her hip. For this she would have direct blasts of radiation to obliterate the growth. She told me that in order for the medical team to hit the tumour directly, they needed to activate it, to make it move, come alive. They did this by injecting directly into the tumour with glucose. As soon as the glucose entered, the cancer cells started to move towards the syrup, ingest it and continue their path of multiplying/growing their invasive and destructive colony.

Yes - cancer thrives on sugar as do most destructive pathogens. The sugar is inflammatory.

So, here’s the newsflash. Inflammation in the body is acidic, and this environment is a haven for illnesses, ailments, lumps, bumps, tumours and worse case scenario, cancers.

The opposite of that acidic environment is alkalinity. No ailment, illness, lumps, bumps, tumours or cancers can survive in an alkaline environment.

Yet its not only our food source that creates inflammation, because the whole of us is an integration of our thoughts, our feelings, our biochemistry, our behaviours and actions and our beliefs.

The body truly is a remarkable system. Give it the right environment on a mental, emotional, physical (biochemical/behaviours & actions) and spiritual level, and it will heal. I know this as a practitioner and I certainly know this personally. There are so many components to healing the body which reaches way beyond just the physical body’s daily processes and functions.

Our thoughts, emotions and spiritual (sensory & faith) self also play a major role in being well. This, coined as Holistic Healing, is the ticket to wellness and of course coming out of illness.

Socrates said ‘all health and disease starts in the Gut.’ And true it is, as not only does our gut take care of digesting, assimilating, absorbing food, but it’s also the centre for our immune system and the home of neurotransmitters (the firing, energetic component of our systems) Neurotransmitters such as Dopamine, GABA, Seratonin, Acetylcholine, Noreprenephrine all reside in the gut and will send chemical messengers via our Vagus Nerve to our brain which then impacts our moods and behaviours.

So how can you alkalise your body? Scroll down below for your Life Skills Tools for today.

Life Skills Tools for You






It’s true our modern day lives may go too fast, creating stress, bypassing our attention to food, rest, positive thoughts and feelings and it can become challenging to remain balanced. However, here are a few suggestions on how you can create more alkalinity in your body;

FOOD Limit sugar, wheat & dairy.

WATER     Clean filtered water is highly alkalising. Drink from the top of a mountain stream, even more alkalising

AIR            Deep, full lunged breathing techniques instantly alkalise the body. Practice a hyper oxygenating breathing technique, hold breath and allow all that highly oxygenated blood course through your body and heal stagnation. (Please email me if you would like the complete breathing technique).

Deep breathing techniques and exercise allow the body to cleanse and heal


Running the same thoughts of frustration, anger, melancholy, self pity, blame, judgment, complaints over and over makes us feel off and in turn trigger negative emotions and of course create acidity in the body. SOLUTION - choose positive words and affirmations, even when that’s not the reality before you. It doesn’t matter, play the game of life and soon you will see not only the changes within you, but the changes around you.


The negative thoughts will trigger negative emotions and these emotions will turn your cells on and off changing your biochemistry and behaviours and actions, in turn, creating inflammation in the body. SOLUTION - use the positive words above to create wonderfully warm emotions (yes, again, fake it till you make it) Inhale love, exhale love


Nature and running water (ocean, rivers, waterfalls) create negative ions which calm and soothe the nervous system. Others’ energies also impact us, negative is heavy and stressful = inflammation


There is an electromagnetic field around planet earth, as there is around your body. This field connects the whole you and literally plugs you into planet, which is wonderfully alkalising and soothing. When you disconnect from the field by wearing synthetic shoes or head wear, your body leans more towards being acidic. To alkalise, try walking bear foot for over 15 minutes and feel how different your body is. Become aware of any tightness in your muscles or joint aches and pains disappear.


Cold showers, swimming in lakes, rivers or ocean cool your body, reducing inflammation and allowing alkalinity to flow. Plus you get the wonderful rush of Dopamine (the reward chemical) coursing through your body.


Stillness, whether its sitting and staring at the grass or meditating and sound sleeping are imperative for healing and allowing the body to take the time to clean out free radicals to leave the body alkalised


Frequency of LOVE

A few blogs back, I spoke about ALKALISING the body and mentioned that one of the greatest alkalisers we have is the frequency, or should I say, the high frequency of the emotion of LOVE. Science has proven that tears of sadness are acidic and tears of joy are alkaline. And ailments and illnesses CAN NOT survive in an alkaline environment, but will thrive in an acidic environment.
I work with what I call MOTHER EMOTIONS. At the positive end we have LOVE and from love derives such warm emotions as kindness, patience, benevolence, gratitude, peace, joy, charity….the list goes on. Any positive emotion you feel, comes from a place of LOVE. Now, the opposite to love is not hate, it’s actually fear. Because we only do hate when we fear something. Fear of not being good enough, fear of rejection, fear of letting others down, and again, the list of unmet emotional needs goes on. So, under the banner of FEAR, run a whole list of negative emotions such as envy, greed, jealousy, anger, frustration, sadness, depression, anxiety…etc. If you go up the line from any of these negative emotions, you arrive at fear - the opposite to love. And my, my, is fear toxic to the body. Fear stops you from being present, peaceful, empowered and happy, because you’re actually in survival. Releasing cortisol from your adrenal glands, simply on the assumption of a thought and an unmet emotional need. Our society is riddled with fear based tactics fed to us by the media, filtered into our homes and discussed at length by some of us. We discuss the problem, share the problem and then worry about concepts. So, why is this going on? Because if you keep people fearful, you can sell them anything that makes them feel safe. Sell them health, security, faith, financial stability, education. A sense that if you ‘do’ or participate and share with loved ones, then you’ll be safe. Yet now you’re worried, living in fear of the worse case scenario and wondering why you can’t digest your food properly, snap at loved ones and feel tired all the time. You’re body is acidic as it runs problem concepts which you search for answers to resolve. And when you can’t find them, you give up, become listless and feel life is crap and beyond your control. So heres’ the good news, it’s not! In every breath, YOU CAN BECOME THE SOLUTION, not the problem solver.
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