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True bliss lays within the outer crust of pain and fear. When you think everything is falling apart, know that in actual fact, it's all resetting to serve you for your highest good. 

A life time in the making. Organised Kaos (OK) is a memoir based on an 11 day trip I embark on throughout Cambodia and Vietnam.

Throughout my journey, I meet characters who represent behavioural traits we see in ourselves and others. As I travel further into the heartland of rural Vietnam, my childhood challenges of being a refugee to Australia and growing up with a toxic father are triggered.

Organised Kaos (OK) is a story not only about overcoming adversity, but how to actually do it. Fused throughout the book are Life Skills Tools, Kinesiology modalities and spiritual epiphanies, reminding us all that there is a bigger picture of 'soul' at play in all of our lives.

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