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Importance of a New Year...

A Q&A from my Kinesiology client Ross...

Happy New Year Zsuasa. (I’m sure I still say your name wrong) This New Year thing... I never really put much ‘stock’ in it in the past....Always thought it was a bit of a farce.... You go to sleep on New Years Eve, and the next morning you wake up in the same bed, in the same house, with the same mortgage, same bills, with the same job, which you always go to by driving to the same way. But.... It’s a new year!!!! Is it??? I mean, is the ‘new year’ just something that ‘we,’ as in humanity, just made up?? Is it really a ‘new year,’ or is just another day in your same old life??? You take Christmas for example.... ‘We’ say Christmas is a special day. But is it??? For a start only a third of humanity celebrates it, those with Christian backgrounds. The universe doesn’t seem to give a hoot about it....Seems like if a war is going to start, or a natural disaster is going to hit....then Christmas day is the day for it. So, Christmas day, is just this ordinary day, that a bunch of evolved apes think is special, but in reality, its not.... So....My question to you Zsusa....(however you say it) Is New Years day in actual fact a new beginning? Is it an event through which the universe begins things afresh in our lives, and demolishes the old? or.... Is it like Christmas....just another day, that we put a special tag on? Thanks for listening. Ross Hey Ross:) Thanks for sharing your curiosity. We human beings like to compartmentalise things, we like structure, routines & rituals. It’s ingrained in our psyches. Belief systems are imperative for our tribe....which in modern day of course is waaaay too big! Which in turn means rituals are diluted & convoluted. Our souls have rhythm, breath, a pulse which needs to connect to some form of ritual. We’re all born like that. It’s innate. Your brain is embedded with a circadian rhythm. Your heart tic tocs from get go...& planet earth breathes. So as for the created Christmas, which was escalated for retail in gift giving to boost sales. Santa Claus in his red suit created by the marvels of Coca Cola. Christmas in essence is an odd shape these days. Craig, our mutual friend & I were just saying the other day thanks giving would be a better one to which I’m contemplating creating...possibly bi monthly.... Anyways, I digress.. So, as for does universe’s pulse know it’s Christmas & NYs.... & is it really a new year, the answer is 2 fold. Universe knows when there’s a heaving amidst its dwellers. When there’s a cluster of emotional shift, a warming, yes, planet knows of this. She feels this pulse & frequency, same for Christmas & New Years. But as far as Mother Nature ticking off & saying it’s a leaf turned over to a brand new page, no. Of course not! That’s just our rituals, our need to compartmentalise & start anew.

But we as a race need that. A repent, a new opportunity. Our souls need a cleanse & a change or an apparent opportunity to do so. And the reality is that mother nature’s version of that is called seasons. We’ve just popped one in the middle of summer called ‘festive’ season or to some, ‘silly season’. It’s important for us to stop & reflect & reset. Check in where we could have done better, embed our learnings & hope not to make the same mistake again. Or to celebrate what we’ve yielded. That makes us ‘feel’ good. Feel forgiven, uplifted or reset or accomplished. Feel hope that we have or will grow. Remember, ‘without vision, the people perish’ (bible quote) So, I hope that more than answers your question. We don’t have to fall into the pressures of retail festive season, but the compartmentalising of our lives year by year, the sensation of completion & the excitement of new beginnings is absolutely imperative to our souls. To our evolution. To our own personal progress, retribution & freedom. I hope this may give you new joy as to the opportunity this time of year brings. And perhaps we could all focus more on gratitude, forgiveness & reset as a vital force for our & our beloveds psyches.

ON that note - Happy New Year Angel Heart

Warmest Regards



NEW YEARS... Celebrate Yourself. Creating a simple point-form of intention for the year ahead, is a wonderful habit to have in life. By looking at the mental, emotional and physical things you wish to achieve in life, you are indeed setting an intention of manifesting. Second to that, it’s also super important to reflect on the achievements you’ve had, of course on a mental, emotional and physical level. Be kind to yourself and really enjoy this process, it’s truly soul fulfilling. APPLY Reflect, Set Beneficial for- • Self worth • Reflection • Celebration of self • Manifesting 1. In point form, write small list of no more than 10 things you’d like to create/achieve/feel for 2019 2. On the flip side of the page, write a list of no more than 10 things that you have achieved, overcome, surrendered, celebrated, grown and of course, that you are grateful for in 2018. Keep this rolling year after year. It’s a true celebration and alignment of self. Enjoy!

On that note-happy new year angel heart!

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