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Shifting Perspective with Breath

Are you finding life too fast? Too many pressures. Financial, social, raising your children - trying to make choices that are the best for them. Feeling like you only just got out of bed and all of a sudden the day’s gone and you’re climbing back into bed. Exhausted. Just holding on and going with the life’s just happening to you. Well, let me shift your perspective. Because remember, our lives are so powered by how we feel. Allow me to give you some peace, just for a moment... As you may well know by now, I’m passionate about giving you simple life tools to help you shift areas where you are feeling stuck. Follow my little ‘apply’ tool below and give your soul a massage for a moment... APPLY. This only takes 5 minutes... 1. Sit for a moment and become aware of the tension in your body. Where are you most tight? In the shoulders, the jaws, is your tummy bloated? Are you feeling foggy in the head? Become aware of the discomfort. 2. Now take your awareness to your breath. Slow it down. Take slow, long inhalations in and take the same amount of time to slowly let the breath out. 3. Decide what you wish to feel. ie: calm, safe, supported, empowered.. 4. Now with each breath in,

feel this emotion and take it to areas in your body where you’re feeling tight. 5. Choose to be calm, light, happy. Whatever it is for you. And breath by breath, bring this into your body. Know that there is nothing right now but this moment. SHIFT YOUR PERSPECTIVE FROM THE NEGATIVE EMOTION TO THE POSITIVE ONE YOU WISH TO HAVE. BREATH BY BREATH. Great. Feel better? Don’t let your perpective of the ‘hard’ life get in the way. Because remember, your beautiful cells are just responding to the information your mind is feeding it. Become the ‘feeling’ you wish to have and you will attract more of this to yourself.

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