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GUT INSTINCT. Trust in Self.

How to be still and listen to your gut...

“They say the gut is the second brain. I very well know that it’s your first brain.

Your truth. The YOU without ego, time or thought created boundaries."

”When’s the last time your tummy did a flip and you actually listened to what it was saying? Why the flip? Why the sensation of discomfort, angst or excitement? Did you know that you actually have the answers to everything? All you have to do is be still and listen.

And by being still and listening, I mean turning down that busy, chatty, apparently knowing mind.How many times may you have had an instinctive thought, insight or feeling and then thought about it and looked at it from many mental angles and justifications and then over ridden that instinct. Tossed it out because your head told you otherwise, based on your belief systems. And then of course a little time passes and the truth presents itself. And the truth is that you knew all along, in that macro second before you went into your clever head and over rode all that you already knew.

Does this sound familiar to you? If it does, then rest assured that there is something you can do to slow down this thinking over ride and return back to your true, knowing self.Did you know that in your Enteric Nervous System, which includes the esophagus, stomach, duodenum, small intestine and large intestine, is loaded with neurotransmitters and sidles along with your autonomous nervous system. Neurotransmitters are the energetic, firing component in your nervous system. They include such things as seratonin - the happy chemical, dopamine - the reward ‘feeling’ chemical, GABBA - an inhibitory neurotransmitter that creates the sensation of feeling relaxed, glial cells - which are the cells that mesh brain cells and carry information by firing between cells and being the conveyor.

These are just a few of the neurotransmitters in your brain. But did you know that 95% of the happy neurotransmitter called Seratonin is actually in your enteric nervous system, not in your brain?I use this to illustrate why you ‘feel’ things in your gut. Why your gut instinct is acting in accordance with emotions and sensations that are truthful and haven’t been tainted by the busy, thinking mind. This is where your absolute truth lays.Some people call the gut the second brain, I call it the first. It is the one that knows, before our ‘thinking’ and conditioned mind/mental chatter comes along and interferes with the truth.

How many times have you found yourself doing this? The truth hits you right in the guts and then you come along and over ride it with such things as; “oh no, they wouldn’t, why would they, that’s not possible, I have care and consideration for them, so why wouldn’t they have the same for me...etc. What you are actually doing is using your conditioned, life experienced mind to justify what you instinctively know. Weighing up the truth with filters you’ve created over a life time and running through this ‘truthful’ information based on these embedded belief systems.And to elaborate on how impactful your knowing, nervous system is, have a look at how your digestives system is impacted by gut instinct.

The truth comes in and all of a sudden you feel sickly, can’t eat, excited, fearful, angry...all of which put you off food, or for some the impact is so great they need to eliminate.And have a look at how many times would have said, “I knew it! I should have listened to that knowing” It’s ok, we all do it. But wouldn’t life be a lot straighter if you just listened to that truthful, gut instinct the first time and round and operated off that? Aha, I hear you say. Ok, so here’s today’s tool for you to explore. Explore returning to your truth, your knowing gut, by simply getting your mind out of the way.


Sit comfortably, close your eyes and take a moment to relax every part of your body. Observe your chatty mind, watch and know that the thoughts will rise and the thoughts will fall away, all in turn for the next wave of thoughts to come on it. Just sit and observe and allow them to waft over you. become aware how these thoughts make you feel. Do they give you energy, take your energy or are you just neutral. And know the thoughts that create un-vital emotions within you, are around learnings to be had or things to let go of.When you are ready, take that one thing you would like to have an instinctive answer to. And remember, this is done in a macro second and the truth comes in fast, before you get busy in your mind again and over ride it.

Ask yourself for the instinctive truth. And it will come in. In the sensation in your gut. Did it give you energy? Did it ‘feel’ right - even if it is painfully true. You’ll observe and feel an electric current like sensation through the core of your body. And then, again, observe your thoughts. Become aware and clear and that my mind thinking, or is that my gut?Practice this. This is your own built in guiding tool. Where absolute truth lays. Always.

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