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Belief Systems. The Soul's Pacifier.

What would you say your belief system is? What’s the key foundation to your values, your decisions, your ability to pacify yourself through life? For some it’s faith in a religion, for some it’s spirituality, for some there isn’t one and for some there’s just that sense of knowing that there’s ‘something’ out there, but not able to put our finger on it.

Belief systems have been around for centuries and are carried through tribes and communities and seem to be the gel that hold people together. Having a similar belief system connects us. However, belief systems are the ultimate when we feel alone or not enrolled in a community. Having something to hold onto as a faith, a ‘random’ to speak to in the dark of the night, be it a god, the universe, a deity, a crystal, an angel, whatever it is, is an imperative aspect to our existence. And an imperative part of our psyche to be able to pacify ourselves and know we are connected and never alone.

For some of us we are already apart of some belief system, perhaps we grew up with it. For some of us we are seeking to see what is out there and then for others they may find themselves calling all of this nonsense and turning a cheek to any such beliefs.

However without that sense of connection, life can be extra tough. Without having faith in something, the loss of a loved one can be extra raw and the unjust of life’s adversities lands harsher and can leave us feeling that life is cruel and unjust. And again, in the dark of the night, our states of anxiety, disconnection, being misunderstood and feeling down and depressed can gnaw at our core and make life that much more challenging.

So, my awareness to you today is, what is your belief system? How do you process life’s adversities and bring yourself out of states of feeling flat and unjust? Are you seeking? Are you already there?

Your brain has trillions and trillion of neurons that are consistently firing information. As you’re doing that, the neurons of all other people around you are experiencing the same. You are connected into that random firing that has a person act and do. The timing of you passing another down the street or bumping into someone you thought of only half hour ago are all randomly linked into one another. We’re just not aware of it, because there is so much going on.

From these flying neurons of energy, your thoughts, feeling and actions manifest and are intertwined with the thoughts, feelings and actions of others. This intertwining happens at home with your family, or with random people on a bus or across the world wide web of the internet, creating a complex and unpredictable web of connection. That is until you slow it all down a little, become the observer and the driver and play with being enrolled in outcomes. And of course this awareness then brings me back to our belief systems and that feeling that there’s just something out there greater than us that meshes us together. The organised chaos in life...

APPLY: Consider for a moment that our connection with all living creatures are indeed intertwined. In the organsied chaos of nature around us, you are a very important aspect to the mechanisms and actions of the whole. Without your energy, that that is around you would not be complete. Ponder for a moment and check out the uncanny co-incidences that unfold all around you. Slow down that chatty mind of yours and check out how what you think actually manifests before you... This is simply an awareness exercise so that you can realise that indeed, there are no such things as co-incidences. That you are indeed the maestro of your life. Have fun with this awareness tool and remember, as with all the tools I give you, the more you practice them, the better you become.

And remember, even if there isn’t any of ‘this’ out there, at the end of the day,

having something to believe in that is of a higher plane than you, makes you ‘feel’ sound, secure and guided. Try it on.

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