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Get out of your Head.

Life’s going to do what life’s going to do.... and then there’s just what you make it all mean....

Oh the blessed busy mind.

Have you ever really sat and listened to yourself. I mean really sit. Completely still, just observing the myriad of thoughts that cascade through your beautiful mind. For those of you who have, you’ll clock that it can be a mighty busy arena up there, in your noggin, in your mind. Chat chat chat chat.

And oh, the colourful stories we throw, and of course all the whilst bringing up some sensational emotion to colour in the thoughts. The should have’s the ought to have’s, the could have’s...oh they can make us churn up inside. Contemplating the past and mulling over it’s events, who said what, who did what, how you reacted, how you felt...

Then there’s the should’s the ought’s, the must’s, thinking about the things that lay ahead that you ‘need’ get done in order to... And again the mind flies away thinking about how you can pull these things off, but of course coupled with those anticipation thoughts are all the thoughts about your beliefs, about your capabilities, your limitations, and yes, fundamentally your fears. All wrapped up tightly so that your body hold’s itself tightly too, bracing for what lays ahead. Apparently.

Now that’s a lot hey. Scanning the past, contemplating and planning the future and all the whilst trying to live life right now... Or are you? Perhaps you’re just right here right now in body, but every thoughts is consumed by how you deliver yourself, your boundaries, the past, the future, the what if’s, the how to’s, the chat, chat, chat of the mind. Sounds exhausting right? It is exhausting.

So, here’s today’s reminder for you, you beautiful soul. “Life’s just going to do what life is going to do....and then there’s just what you make it mean”

Take for a moment if you will, that right here, right now, you just 100% accept yourself & your situation just the way it is. You accept and surrender the past just the way it played out - with the sound knowing that it was perfect. And as for what lays ahead, well, let that go too because it will roll out. That’s a certainty too.

APPLY: So, for you, all you have to do is be in the right here right now. Peaceful. Present. Trusting that all is perfect just the way it is and you are exactly where you are meant to be in life right now. Breath by breath.

What you may notice in choosing this, is that suddenly your body is lighter. Suddenly there’s space in the mind. There’s space between thoughts and that you are aware of exactly where you are. The smells around you, the sounds, the breeze on your skin, the shoe on your foot, your gurgling tummy, your heart beat. Yes, here you are in all your glory, in the moment. Just being. And do you know, the only thing you did different to create peace is became aware of what is right here, right now and didn’t think about the past or the future. And do you know you can choose this at any time. To empty your mind, to be in the moment, to choose love and peace. Yes, breath by breath.....

If you are a procrastinator, this exercise is gold if you just wish to get things done. Don’t think about it, just do it. Empty your mind and do.

TIP-If you just reminded yourself a few times in a day to be still, to be in the moment, you would be helping yourself to move away from stress, to create homeostasis in your body so it can function optimally. Peace is where true health can manifest.

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