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Focus & BE the Solution, not the Problem


Let the solution be your focus, not the problem. I wrote an article a few weeks ago titled -”Everything You Think has an Impact”, which guided you to become aware how negative thoughts feel in your body and how different and light positive ones feel.

Today I’m going to elaborate on that. Well, matter of fact, I will be banging on about that forever and always, because your mind is the most amazing tool you have to create whatever it is you desire in life. Mental, emotional, physical, physiological, environmental...

It’s as simple as this and I know you’ve heard it over and over again...

“Whatever you wish to create in your life, is what you need to be thinking and feeling about. Period.”

That’s it. You may call it a day dream, some may call it non-sense, but let me tell you for real. If you don’t like what is happening in your life, or how you feel about events or people in your life, or yourself for that matter, simply choose what it is you wish to have. Fake it till you make it I keep saying. Just own it. Back yourself.

For a moment, think about the millions of things that fly through your head in a day. Those thoughts, that internal dialogue. Stop for a moment and consider how much of those thoughts are actually creative/constructive, peaceful or are they destructive, unsupportive. I’m tipping you might tip the higher percentage towards the destructive one....

We spend a lot of our thinking time planning and problem solving, so no wonder at a busy day’s end we’re so exhausted and overwhelmed because all day we’ve been trying to ‘fix’ things. Imagine for a moment that you didn’t go about trying to fix anything, that you were just in the solution. The ‘already’ there. That feels pretty peaceful hey.

It takes a lot of energy to try and ‘fix’ something, and such little energy to be in the success right now. Whenever you practice using your thoughts to be in the ‘outcome’ you desire, I want you to most importantly go to how this ‘feels’. Create the good emotions in your body, because that’s you talking to your cells and drawing in to you that that you desire. Your cells will respond to the thought, but most importantly to the ‘feeling’.

And then just let go. Trust the process. What’s the worst thing that can happen....? You feeling good?

And by the way, there’s a science to this. Did you know that in the past, they used to think that the tinniest particle at a cellular level was an atom? With Quantum physics and the advancement of computers, they were able to magnify cells at a greater level than ever and hence discovered that there were sub atomic particles.

Using the computers ability to magnify intensly, they magnified right in, all the way to the absolute smallest particle possible. And do you know what they found? Nothing. That’s right, nothing. The absolute smallest particle of you, the chair you’re sitting on, the food you eat, the landscape you stare at, is simply a spinning vortex of energy. A transparent energy spinning at different frequencies. And the difference between you and the table and the air, is at what frequency that particle is spinning at.

So, with this perspective, would you not wish to contribute to that spinning vortex of energy and direct just what you wish it to spin towards, or rather bring in towards you? This is your structure, this is what your thoughts and emotions will have an impact on.

APPLY - try this. Be the result you already wish to experience. If you’re lacking confidence and negate your beautiful body, do the opposite, tell your beautiful body how amazing it is. Thank your amazing strong arms, those amazing legs of yours that carry you everywhere, you’re big compassionate heart that loves unconditionally and receives love unconditionally.

If you’re feeling ‘stuck’ in life, be the unstuck in life. Say and ‘feel’ to yourself such things as “life flows smoothly for me, I’m always supported, I always get to have an amazing time doing what I love”. Say this instead of trying to work out how to become unstuck.

If you’re thinking too much about others doing wrong by you or how the past is the reason you’re in the predicament you’re in, then you need to throw those thoughts & resentful emotions out too, because they are simply keeping you in the situation that you are in! Trust me, I practice this all the time.

All you need to do is become aware of the negative thoughts and emotions and flip them to the positive and be it right here, right now.

Yes, it is really that simple.

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