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WATER, WATER, WATER. The simplest way to ‘feel’ good

Water, water, water. The simplest way to 'feel' good. They say that 70-90% of your body is water. And if you look at planet earth, the key thing we’re surrounded with, second to air, is water. We are liquid flowing through life..well, that’s if you take that perspective. Water is a great carrier of sound and frequency, so the ultimate thing I’m going to say to you right now is hydrate. And here’s just a few reasons why. Water in your body if you can imagine, lubricates everything. Without your internal self being, slippy, shall we say, doesn’t function all that well. Water opens up all your systems and literally lets everything flow better. Like your digestive system. Your large intestines are where your body soaks up most of the fluid once it’s processed all the heavier food substances, minerals and nutrients that form your fecal matter. Yes, I said poo. You’ll be hearing me talk about that somewhat throughout my typing banter. Your nervous system has a greater capacity to communicate throughout your body and especially allowing your amazing brain to be functioning smoothly. Heads up-if you tend to get a foggy brain, try hydrating to shift the clog. Your blood needs water to help filter itself so it’s not so concentrated with either toxins or nutrients that are coursing through to feed you, or both should you please. Water helps your liver and kidneys process toxins and your pancreas and gall bladder to break down fats and balance sugar in your body. It’s phenomenal for your skin-yes, I know you’ve heard that. But oh so true. Here’s one way to look at your digestive system. Think of plonking all the food you eat onto a hessian bag. Then, pour the amount of water on it you may drink a day. And I’m saying water, not coffee or tea or soft drinks or alcohol for that matter, but just water. How much of that food do you think would just melt away. Not much if you don’t drink much water. So do yourself a feel good favour today...drink at least 2 litres of water a day to help your systems function optimally.

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