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Everything you 'think' has an impact

Most of us have heard that you can use the law of attraction to bring things into your life that you desire and deserve. Meaning that you think about something you truly want and desire and you then run this notion over and over through your thoughts, create a vision board, talk about it and eventually, voila - it manifests! And yes, this is true, however we run a gazillion things through our minds all the time and the truth is that we're not always thinking about that true desire. So, are we undoing the manifesting I hear you ask... Well, not really. However here's the one really important thing I want you to remember today, well, forever in that case.

EVERYTHING YOU THINK HAS AN IMPACT on you. Every thought in general is coupled by an emotion and your body then has a physiological reaction to this. By physiological I'm referring to the biochemistry in your body. ie-when you're angry you clench your fists and grit your teeth, that being the physical, but physiologically you're generating heat, your heart quickens it's pace, rational thoughts leave you and can become quite irrational and your throat locks up. Your tummy churns and you perspire emitting a smell that may not be the most pleasant.

So, in slowing down what's going on, your thoughts are creating an emotional response in your body and manifest by physical actions and physiological reactions.

Our lives are so full and really busy these days and we have a multitude of stimulus happening around us constantly, so to take the leisure to slow down your thoughts and become aware of what you're creating seems overwhelming. However, I've got good news for you! You are ALWAYS at choice as to what you think and in turn feel and ultimately how you act or feel physically.

TRY THIS... Next time you find yourself 'feeling' crappy. Like sad or lonely or angry or overwhelmed, or some negative emotion that doesn't serve you, decide instead to feel a positive emotion that does serve you. For example - if you're feeling overwhelmed and in turn feeling quite anxious, decide what it is you'd prefer to feel. Such as peaceful, present, calm or supported. Then, become aware how these positive emotions feel in your body. For example when you're feeling peaceful you may 'feel' light, easy, content. Then once you know this is what you would prefer to feel, then breath by breath bring in that sensation and silently chant to yourself.. "I am peaceful, I am light, I move forward with ease, I have ease right now". You decide what it is you would truly like to feel and bring that in.

Your mind will probably wander back to that negative thing, and again, all you need to do is to bring it back to the thought, emotional and physical sensation you would prefer to have.

This is conscious choice and a new training for your mind to feel empowered by what you think, feel and do. And the more you practice this empowering thought process, the more you're creating new neuro pathways that will help you autonomously shift to a positive state in the future.

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