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FREEDOM to 'feel' GOOD

IN-House Corporate  Workshops

At endota we believe in always moving towards the ‘best version’ of yourself, which, not surprisingly, is a central focus of Zsuzsa’s teachings. Participating in this course is a win for everyone involved.

There is no doubt that the ‘Freedom to Feel Good’ 6-week Life Skills Tools Workshop was a worthwhile investment for our team at endota HQ.

In a fast moving, agile organization such as ours it’s imperative that we have people who can channel their focus, demonstrate creative solutions to problems and work together harmoniously. Zsuzsa’s course offered life skills that tapped into each of these needs. The participants learnt how to become more aware of their thought patterns and internal dialogue – gaining a deeper insight into how this influences their behavior and mood. - Mel Gleeson Director & Founder of endota

The Corporate IN-House Workshops are brought to you and delivered at your premise.

Benefits for your Team   

* Reduces work related injuries
* Improved understanding, relatedness & rapport

   between staff
* Nurtures participants, creates a ‘feel good’ network
* Creates sense of belonging, being cared for & that they

   are an integral part of a team
* Creates momentum in positive thinking, self awareness

   and empowerment
* Greater health and well being and understanding of

   ‘how to’ nurture self
* Less absenteeism due to illness, ailments and

   mental/emotional health days off

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The package includes

- Measuring of impact of workshop. Pre & Post tests.

- Interactive workshop presented by Kinesiologist/Behavioural Specialist/Counselling for Kinesiology.

- Delivery time tailored to suit your needs.

- Take home Workbook

- Interactive learnings on how to create greater  fulfillment

- New acquired LIFE SKILLS TOOLS to apply at work & home

- Opportune to tailor topics to meet your needs

- Promotional material

About the Life Skills Tools Material-Snapshot  

- Introduction to the Science of Thoughts & Emotions
- What are emotions
- The Nature Principal
- The Importance of Breathe
- How we create ourselves
- Evolution of the brain
TOOLS to Apply
- Being Present (Kinesiology modality)
- Alternate Nostril Breathing, Head tilt Breathwork
- Switching the brain (Kinesiology modality)
- Tuning In - (Kinesiology modality)
- How you Create Yourself -
    Imprint Years
    Conscious/Subconscious mind
     Neuro pathways
     Cellular memory
- Choice is your power
TOOLS to Apply
- Connecting with your subconscious self (Meditation)
- Emotions are your Guide (Meditation)
- Feel GOOD Choice Module (Written Process Exercise)
- Quiet the busy mind. Love & Forgiveness (Meditation)
- Shift Physical Aches & Ailments (Meditation)
- Dumping Toxic Emotions (Written Process Exercise)
- Activate your Immune System (Physical Activity)
- Gratitude  (Written Process Exercise)
- Peace & Joy (Written Process Exercise)
- Mother Emotions - FEAR/LOVE (Written Process
- Being in the moment - Empty Your Mind (Meditation)
- Forgiveness  (Written Process Exercise)
- Emotional Freedom  (Written Process Exercise)
- My Summary  (Written Process Exercise)


FREEDOM to 'feel' GOOD Workshop

FREEDOM to 'feel' GOOD plus Gut Health Workshop

FREEDOM to 'feel' GOOD plus Yoga Workshop

Zsuzsa is a must-have for every business. She will fill your employees with rich goodies of knowledge, inspiration and hope, enabling them to feel more fulfilled in their lives and work. She is on her way to international stardom. Can’t recommend her highly enough.” - Social Impact Consultant Julia Keady-Blanch, Xfactor Strategic Development

endota Corporate Team...

I enjoyed doing the FREEDOM to feel GOOD Life Skills Tools Workshop as I had very little knowledge of what it actually was but was pleased to learn more about it. The program actually helped me to understand other people more and how they cope and respond to things. Great to learn simple body movements and thought processes to help my physical and mental body at work with stresses. The activity we did with turning your head to the side more after realigning was cool (Taegen).


Zsuzsa’s sessions were really amazing, I looked forward each week to them!  I particularly enjoyed discovering how to activate my immune system & helping to reduce stress by breathing (I had forgotten how to breathe!).  I also felt immediate relief after our written exercise on how to dump our toxic emotions.  Zsuzsa gave us skills we can do every day, everything just made sense. (Lisa)


“Focus on what you want, not on what you don’t want” was my take home message.  As a problem solver I tend to focus on what’s not working and over analyse everything in life.  The course with Zsuzsa has provided me with simple tools that with practice (you have to practice something for it to become habit) I am learning to shift my perspective by focusing on the positives and asking myself, ‘what do I really want?’  (Victoria)


I didn’t really understand the benefits of Life Skills Tools before I took the 6-week program with Zsuzsa, after taking the class I have many tools that I use during the day to ease my stress and improve overall well-being. ️ (Danelle)

We have the power to turn a situation or experience that has had a negative effect on us into a different mindset - letting it go or finding the positive in it. Breathing techniques to immediately help us in a challenging or stressful situation, which can help us carry on and regain a clear and positive head space to do so. (Alina)

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