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Emotional Rescue Kit

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Have you noticed that how you ‘feel’ in life is the sponsoring aspect as to what you do, how your body feels, how you behave, the actions and decisions you make, how you treat others, how others treat you?

I know that there are many components to how we create ourselves;
The Thinking Self
The Physical Self - Physiology - meaning the chemical reaction within us when we feel negative emotions derived from stress and fear and of course the foods we eat.
Actions - the Behaviours we display and what we do, ie - hibernate, over exercise, fight, abuse synthetic substances.
The Feeling Self
And would you believe that the first two are completely impacted by the ‘feeling’ self.
Think about this. You will not always remember the exact events of your life, what was said, where you were, who was involved, but you will always remember how it made you ‘feel’. True for you? In addition to that, your story about the past will also change over time and how you ‘feel’ in life changes too.
So, I will help you to shift old hurts, fears and anxiety that simply don’t serve you, depressive states that are really derived from initial unresolved fears and digestive ailments that have all responded to your negative emotions.
And I’m going to show you how, breath by breath. Simply. I’m going to take you back to the basics of your existence and give you ‘Life Skills Tools’ that are quick and easy to apply.

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You now have access to my materials 24/7 as I bring you 'AWAKE'


Awake is an interactive, online course that gives you instructional footage coupled with more than 25 life skills process tools you can apply easily anywhere, anytime.
Master your mind, change how you feel and in turn;

- Heal your ailments
- Reset your direction
- Become empowered
- Let go of the past - move forward
- Dump negative thought patterns & create new empowering ones

Peace, wellness and happiness are CHOICES.


Learn how to use your amazing mind to change your body & behaviours to create outcomes in life that serve and empower you.

Move away from being overwhelmed, heavy, anxious, depressed, financial pressures, relationship turmoil, lack of direction, being unwell and stuck.

What you GET...

- Over 25 Life Skills Tools to apply easily

- 6 Bundles of Life Skills Tools - with up to 5 tools in each bundle

- Video on how you currently create yourself, the science of thoughts and emotions and how to apply the AWAKE Life Skills Tools

- The AWAKE workbook

- Directory of ailments and mental/emotional blocks and which tools work best.

Click here to sign up for 'AWAKE'...


I had spent many phases in my life feeling anxious and depressed. My negative mental chatter and self condemnation really made me be short of tempered, closed off, feeling overwhelmed, impatient and frustrated. I’d had one on one consultations with professionals, but the insights after the appointments just didn’t land. I really just wanted something more. Something I could be in charge of and really empower myself. I knew I needed to work this all out myself.

Through my network, I was guided towards the AWAKE program. I was looking for something really simple that would help me understand why and how I created his depression that at times was all consuming.
When I embarked on the AWAKE course, I got the shift I’d been seeking for a long, long time.
I applied the simplest of tools and all of a sudden I not only had momentum, peace and joy, but I was indeed creating it myself! Priceless! For the first time in a long time, I felt like I was in control.
I felt a rush of energy and empowerment and a real sense of “wow, it really is this simple!”.

I’ve known blokes in the past who have been really stuck in negative mental chatter, and got really down  and depressed and unfortunately ended their lives in the dreaded thick fog of depression.
“I’ve lost a couple of soldiers along the way. If only I could have guided them to this remarkable, easy to apply program called AWAKE. I really feel that had they applied these amazing life changing tools, then they would still be here. I can’t deny what it has done for me.

I’ve always know that exercising releases endorphins in my body and makes my blues go away. However, sometimes in the darkness, motivation is zapped from my core and I get stuck. I don’t move.
By applying just one of the AWAKE tools, called  “CHOICE Freedom to feel good”, I reset my negative mental, emotional and physical states. I was then able to get moving with ease. The negative thoughts stopped and in turn stopped the heaviness of depression and self loathing. And of course off I was moving my body with a sense of ease, lightness and invigoration.

The greatest bonus from taking on the AWAKE course was that I really nurtured myself and moved away from the bad habit of drinking too much and too often. I now feel that I am truly at choice as to how and why  drink. I now have a new perspective on how I can nurture myself and remain empowered to do so. I feel great!!!! Mentally, emotionally and physically!

I’m really excited to share this guidance with others. Please share so we don’t lose our dear loved ones.

Embark on AWAKE, so that you too can feel light, empowered, motivated and not stuck in your head and emotions. Empowering my thoughts has been the greatest gift to me.


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