Health Arts College. Diploma of Kinesiology.



Brain Integration - Jacque Mooney/

Charles Krebs

Theta - Nora Dempsey

Neural Organisation Technique - Peter McLellan

Counselling for Kinesiology - Gordon Dickson

Rhythmic Movements

Herbs - Parijat Wismer

Nutrition - Parijat Wismer

Weight Management - Parijat Wismer

Touch for Health

Quantum Neurology - Ed Faust

DNA - Charles Krebs

About Zsuzsa

Your Awakening is My Greatest Honour in Life

I have spent my life being fascinated by human behaviour, quantum physics & our subconscious & super conscious (higher self) selves. All this fascination really began when I was growing up in a challenging emotional environment, that as a child I felt super sensitive to. I never ceased pondering the question of why a person behaved the way they did and what triggered them to become who they are. How did they conclude on their perspective of the world and once they had this particular belief system, what could they possibly do to shift this if it didn't serve them. Of course, now as a mature adult, I sum this up with ease and insight because I’ve spent my life seeking and searching for answers.

And now I have them, I am very passionate about sharing them with you!

I do what I love and love what I do by working as a Kinesiologist and Workshop Presenter on how you too can shift your imbedded belief systems, behavioural patterns and free yourself up so you can really attain the delights in life you so desire and deserve.

As a KINESIOLOGIST, I am able to help you attain insights that create breakthroughs on a mental, emotional, physical & spiritual level. And as a Workshop Facilitator, I bring you the FREEDOM TO FEEL GOOD WORKSHOP that will not only entertain you, but ultimately feed your heart and soul as to how to rise above adversity. You can also choose to apply my self paced workshop called AWAKE. For further details, click here.

I live and run my consultations from the Mornington Peninsula, however I am very flexible in bringing my services to you. I am a certified and registered practitioner and continue to evolve and expand my professional repertoire. And I very much look forward to meeting YOU.:)

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