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How a Kinesiology Balance works

Your body has energy paths running through it called meridians. There are 12 base meridians a kinesiologist refers to which in turn correlates to a body organ or system. The 12 meridians are heart, small intestine, circulation/sex, triple warmer, spleen, stomach, large intestine, lung, liver, kidney, bladder, gall bladder and liver and they are in turn linked to a group of muscles. When the meridian pathways are blocked, there is an imbalance in the body which presents itself as an illness, ailment or emotional turmoil.


A kinesiologist will discover this imbalance when they test muscles and find a weakness. This then guides the practitioner to understand whether the imbalance is physical, mental, emotional, spiritual or environmental. The balance then begins as the kinesiologist uses a variety of tools to open up the blocks and create communication between the physical and energetic bodies to create wellness on every level.

Using muscle bio-feedback system via muscle testing, it  gives you greater insights as to why patterns of behaviour or ailments are occuring. Your awareness is heightened and deep subconscious memories are brought up to create a fast track of shifting yourself on every level. Kinesiology is a self responsibilty module and empowers you with great insights as to why you may be stuck in areas of your life.

Consider your body being a mirror that reflects what is going on for you mentally and emotionally and your subconscious being the filing cabinet of all your life's memories and emotions that you have experienced up until now. In every moment of our being, we autonomously tap into these opinions and operating systems and present ourselves in a reactive manner. So if you find yourself asking "I don't know why I said that", "I don't know why I feel this way" or "I don't know why I keep doing that", then it's a great insight that you are running from old patterns that no longer serve you. Kinesiology will help you to have a greater understanding of all the behaviours and emotions you have embedded throughout life that no longer serve you. The balance will then help reset you so that your mental, emotional and physical body can heal itself.

Kinesiology for You

Your initial session runs for one and a half hours whereby a detailed case history is taken. Any following balances also run for 1.5hrs, however in some circumstances more time may be required.

After understanding the multi facets of how your feel, think and what is going on with your physical body, we find a goal as a priority to work with during the session.

For example, if someone is feeling really anxious and hypersensitive, thinking that this will never go away and that life is just scary and then showing physical symptoms of being unable to sleep, grinding teeth and struggling with their digestion, then we would create an intention that would shift this stuck phase. The goal may read "I am calm, empowered and my life flows smoothly".

Kinesiology with Horses

I am available to come to you to balance your horse. Some of the areas used for balancing horses include;

• remove tension, stress
• greater results when performing
• remove patterns of behaviour, bad habits
• alleviate restlessness, shying, fears
• greater focus, being more present
• lameness, recurring injuries & illnesses
• floating well, paddock/stable manners

• reproduction, fertility

I also work with other animals. My fellow companion for many years was a most gentle souled cat called Timba (knick named Rabbit) who had many kinesiology sessions in her life time. The balances allowed me to connect with her on a deep level to discover her emotional upheavals and alleviate them one by one. To this day she has been my inspiration, my guiding light and my truest teacher on the phenomena of kinesiology.

Often you cannot change life's circumstances or how others behave around you. However you are always empowered with choosing how you feel...

What Others have Experienced


I had digestive issues for over 3 years, to the point where I was housebound as I had to frequent the toilet sometimes over 10 times a day! This inhibited my social life, hindered me from being active and totally impacted my career. I was really stuck as to how to shift this awful affliction, until I was referred on to see Zsuzsa. Since having a kinesiology session and addressing some emotional issues, I am now ok to get out and about & no longer panic about leaving the house. Kinesiology has been truly life changing for me.

Lorraine - Langwarrin

Life experiences had accumulated and ultimately resulted in me having, what I now know were, panic attacks. I was feeling so debilitated and out of control to the point where I felt I was going to die.I had tried talking with my GP but felt I was not listened to or understood.

How very fortunate I am to have found Zsuzsa - for the first time that I can remember I feel truly free and it is so liberating. I feel I have found my true self - I feel healthy, happy and safe and I’m looking forward to what the future may bring.
Since having kinesiology balances with Zsuzsa I have a freedom that is so empowering and liberating. I feel totally in control of my life; I feel strong mentally and physically, I am happy and healthy.
Zsuzsa gave me the tools that allowed me to find myself. They were noninvasive, achievable and empowering.
Thank you Zsuzsa - to the moon and back. I am forever grateful.

Sincerely Lyn Leigh


Dear Zsuzsa

Thank you for your professional and empathic understanding of my needs  during my Kinesiology consultation and following sessions with you.

I felt that you where able to diagnose the innate cause of the problem and prioritise the best course of action to offer immediate healing effects using your in-depth knowledge, practice and experience of Kinesiology. This was a complete mind, body & spiritual experience for myself as I felt re-aligned & back in tune with life.

At all times during our sessions together I felt safe and nurtured by you.  After only two sessions I feel energised, peaceful, more confident within myself and a lot happier.  These are the very results that I had hoped for.

I look forward to my next ‘Balance’ with you and would highly recommend your practice to anyone looking for a complete package of health & happiness.

All the best

Paula - Canberra


Thank you thank you to the most amazing lady who did her kinesiology magic on me and I can now walk straight again, not like an old lady with a hunch the kids would say.

Laurie - Peninsula Sands


My 9 year old daughter had a lot of anxiety around going to bed. She sleep walks and wakes up several times in the night and doesn’t like to sleep on her own. I took her to see Zsuzsa and after one balance, we had an amazing shift. She no longer wakes in the night or sleep walks and wakes sound and rested. My daughter really enjoys the consultations and always leaves her sessions feeling peaceful, happy and empowered to look after her young self. The Kinesiology worked wonders on removing her anxiety.

Kendra, mother of Mietta - Rosebud West


Mental-As from the end of session 2 I mentally had stopped thinking about my shoulder. I knew there was still slight pain there but my mind would not allow thought to take over.

Emotional-Well this was awesome. As this injury or whatever it was had gone on for 2 years I’d convinced myself it was an operation that was the only way forward. Such a relief what Zsuzs had done in shifting my mind set. YAY!!

Physical-Awesome once again. So far so good. I still have slight pain around original area every now & then but I’m counting on this being a healing process. YAY AGAIN.

Prior to balance-Couldn’t lift a cup of coffee without excruciating pain. Yoga and surfing was torture. But I pushed through thinking that was the correct method to correct things.


Mental-Have always had issues with glutes. Usually after vigorous activity. It’s something I’ve just lived with but mentally not too much of an issue.

Emotional-I felt an emotional shift when Zsuzs did her two fingers on 2 opposing spots on knee & ankle (I think) or foot maybe. Something shifted. Can’t explain that one.

Physical-The instant relief from tight glutes to nothing was mind blowing. Probably the most amazing thing yet I have experienced through kinesi. WOW.

Justin - Rye


Zsuzsa Toth is amazing at what she does! I had a session of kinesiology with Zsuzsa because I was stressing a lot about finances and it was really getting me down, after leaving our session I felt like a massive load had been lifted and till this day I don’t worry about finances like I used to. Not everyone has the gift to have such beautiful people skills and to be so good at what they do! I highly recommend Zsuzsa:) Love your work!

Amber - Rosebud


It has been my good fortune to experience counselling for kinesiology. This technique is an incredible tool to tap into the truth, the core issues. It allows the sub conscious to surface without the interference of the conscious and egotistical mind. During the session you are asked to bring your awareness to where in your body you feel the emotions, I found this very helpful on my journey. Once the counselling session is completed you are then muscle tested to confirm what has transgressed between you and the therapist. It brings truth and clarity to any issues you may be experiencing and puts to bed once and for all those patterns of behaviours that keep you stuck in life. I am a professional counsellor, I truly believe it would take most people months to achieve the results that I experienced in one session.

Kristine - McCrae

Thank You's

I literally wouldn't be alive if it wasn't for my fortnightly kinesiology sessions with Zsuzsa. I've learnt a lot in the last 6 months about emotions and the power of thoughts and dealing with the issues we hide away in the back of our mind and so much more. Thanks Zsuzsa.

Lucas - Dromana

Zsuzsa you are incredible at what you do! I can't thank you enough for working your magic on my beautiful rescue pony "Stardust"! You are an amazing person xx

Cin Lee - Wollert

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